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EQUIPMENT TRACKING - CableTrak manages complete chain of custody for all cable install equipment in the warehouse inventory and in each truck inventory.
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WORK ORDER TRACKING - Simplify tech routing and job tracking. Create, route and manage work orders, tech routes and work order status.
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QUALITY CONTROL - Create and manage trouble tickets and target technicians, work orders or work order types for quality control review.
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MONEY TRACKING - Create invoices as well as invoice reconciliation for reverse invoice cable partners and much more...
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CableTrak Money Tracking is custom developed for each cable company. We have most of the details covered for Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Sudden Link, Direct TV, Brighthouse, Claro, Cogeco and others. If you're working with a different company, we will work with you to accommodate your needs. Normal accommodation does not change the cost of the software.

If you require changes and/or additions to CableTrak you will find that we are open to all requests.

If you would like references from companies already using CableTrak, we'll be more than happy to provide contact information. We feel that confident about our product.